New 2022 "Acura Integra" Offers Six-speed Manual Transmission
New 2022 "Acura Integra" Offers Six-speed Manual Transmission

New 2022 “Acura Integra” Offers Six-speed Manual Transmission

Ever since the return of the Acura Integra was announced at Monterey Car Week back in August, the automaker has slowly been teasing fans with details about the long-awaited model. The first detail Acura confirmed was the new Integra’s five-door liftback design. Now, Acura has released another teaser that brings excellent news for ‘Teg faithful: The reborn sport compact will feature a manual gearbox. Acura Is Bringing Back the Integra in 2022 The Next Integra Will Be a Five-Door Hatchback

The news comes by way of a short video posted today by Acura, which features several generations of stick-shift sporty cars from the company’s past. The video opens with a shifter close-up of a first-generation 1986 Acura Integra screaming its way through first gear. A change up reveals a second-gen model from 1991 pulling through second.

This transition through gears and years continues with a third-gen 2001 Integra Type R, a 2006 RSX Type S, and finally, a shot of the all-new 2023 model’s six-speed shifter.This content is imported from YouTube. ]

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That final shot is the most interesting to us. In the YouTube video’s description, Acura confirms that the final shot shows the 2023 Integra. But sharp-eyed viewers will know this shifter and console setup are notably similar to the current-generation Civic Type R.

Fans have speculated since August that the reborn Integra could utilize the engine and transmission from the hottest Honda hatchback. In Type R spec, that turbocharged 2.0-liter four-pot is good for 306 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque.

That’s certainly enough oomph to make the Integra an intriguing performance offering, especially if combined with the Type R’s impeccable chassis dynamics.

Regardless of which powertrain is mated to that manual transmission, it’s always exciting when an automaker commits to keeping a stick shift around. For now, we’ll have to wait until Acura is ready to share more about the car, though that could take a while. The automaker has yet to reveal many details about the new Integra’s timeline, though it has noted more information will be coming in 2022 ahead of the official reveal

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